1989 Proposed R2 that was never minted!

1989 pat2

The proposed new Two Rand was designed with the Leopard reverse, but this was the animal used by the “Homeland” Bophutatswana and was rejected by the authorities for this reason, hence the current design was chosen. Two types exist for this pattern. The mint admits to 8 being in their vaults. So the number minted is very small! I have personally only seen 4 of which I own 2.

Mr Hern says that he has seen a pair of these patterns, it was sold for R125000 each.
Pattern 1. No Scallops & with the designers initials, diameter 22.68mm.
1989 pat4
Pattern 2. With Scallops & no designers initials, diameter 22.8mm.
1989 pat5
The photo is of a trial piece of this pattern. It was struck on an old 20 cent blank.
1989 pat1989 pat3

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